Have you visited MoCo?

What is MoCo?  It’s short for Montgomery County, specifically in Maryland.  There are other Montgomery Counties; many of them, in fact.  General Richard Montgomery, whom this article calls the First American Hero (from the Revolutionary War) had many places named after him!

I found that information on Montgomery one day when I was searching for some place local to visit.  In exploring my own county, I found some neat historical places.  They are not in downtown DC.  They are not part of the mighty Smithsonian.  They are practically in our back yards.

But knowing that is not enough for me.  They need to be on the map!  So I’m starting a project to put these places “on the map” using a smartphone app called FourSquare and a FourSquare list.

Some of the places are already “on the map”.  Some are not. Well, in the next month or so, I am going to revisit these 12 places and make sure they are all on, at least, FourSquare’s app list.

As of today, I have three places on the list.  Two were already out there, as they are part of the National Park Service.  The Madonna of the Trails statue, located in Bethesda, MD was not on the Google Map.  So, using FourSquare, I added it.

Glen Echo Park, Glen Echo, MD
The Clara Barton House (inside), Glen Echo, MD


If you have FourSquare, and live in this area, let me know if you can find these places!  Or if you think this is a neat idea, do you have some neat places in your own area you could put “on the map”?

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