Vintage Clothes

I enjoy wearing vintage clothes, because you know that no one will be at the party wearing the same garment you are!  You can stand out, be special, distinctive…and oddly enough, look glam!  Sometimes, the styles these days…

Also, I have an odd knack for looking like I belong in 50s garments.  I’m not quite sure why that is.  I wasn’t even born then.  Is it because my body shape is not Hollywood nymph?  Anyway, it’s what I enjoy.

Living in the San Fernando Valley, anytime a special occasion came up, I would immediately dart over to Hubba Hubba on Magnolia in Burbank, CA.

Now that I’ve moved back to MD, I thought, Gad, now what will I do for special occasions?  The commute to Hubba Hubba is just too much!  Fortunately, Susie Collings, a friend of mine, runs her own vintage clothing shop in Takoma Park, “Polly Sue’s Vintage Shop”! She goes the extra “yard” for her customers!

So bring on the special occasions!

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