Comic (panel): Ham And Leggs

I am working on some characters for a project. Initially, they were pretty happy-go-lucky barnyard friends. This is for a younger age group. This morning, however, these characters seemed to have developed some ‘less happy’ attitudes. What’s up with that? This morning’s story: Leggs (a young rooster) has to get up out of his bed (nest) really early for work. Clearly, he is less than … Continue reading Comic (panel): Ham And Leggs

Straight Ahead Animation

Not many know this, but I have started a Tumblr blog about animation.  It’s got some fits and starts because it started out as a space where I wanted to review animated movies from an artistic perspective.  I did not want to write movie reviews. I did not want to analyze the story for our younger viewers – I have nothing against those, but there … Continue reading Straight Ahead Animation


Pen and Ink: Tahitian Dance Competition 

I know a dancer who would really be interested in seeing this Tahitian Dance Competition (Heiva 1 Kaua’i 2016), so I drew some figures in action. It was a challenge. Not only were the dancers in action, but also I was unfamiliar with the action AND the garments worn by the dancers. Please excuse the inaccuracies of the garments. I was aiming for accuracy in … Continue reading Pen and Ink: Tahitian Dance Competition 


Pen and Ink: O-Bon Festival

I attended an O-Bon Festival in Hanapepe, Kaua’i, Hawaii (West Kaua’i Hongwanji Mission). There was a lot of food, dancing, singing, a little praying, drum beats and music. It was at night and my camera didn’t have enough light. Fortunately, I do have a pen! Good times.  O-Bon is a Japanese Buddhist Festival honoring those who have passed away in that year. It was a … Continue reading Pen and Ink: O-Bon Festival