Pen and Ink: Joan the Wad

Joan the Wad sounds weird to my ears (because … Wad?) until I learned that Wad is actually a torch.  According to Wikipedia’s various sources, Joan of Wad is a Cornish mythological figure often associated with the Irish (and sometimes Scottish) Jack O’Lantern, both carrying sources of light. Unlike Jack, who is doomed to haunt the earth with just a light (an ember inside of … Continue reading Pen and Ink: Joan the Wad

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Pen and Ink: Book Worm

He’s an escapee from a dark and mysterious past. He escaped the ‘worm-in-apple’ metaphor to find a new home in books. Or is there more?  – literal: from an agricultural economy to a book-literate one -metaphorical: from ignorance to understanding -metaphorical 2: from actual bondage to freedom & independence. I aspire to be this guy. Now, he just needs a good name. Continue reading Pen and Ink: Book Worm

Happy #Inktober!

Today is the first of October and also the first day of Inktober, 31 days of 31 ink drawings (or how ever many you want to do). It’s not my project but it is a brilliant one. Check out the original website for it ( join in with #inktober and #inktober2016 Hope to see your work soon! I’m on Instagram as: @meaganhealy Continue reading Happy #Inktober!