Character Design

Also posted on my graphic design blog. I did some character designs for an app. The designs were described to me to fit a specifically described purpose. I had asked the client initially if he wished… Continue reading

Watercolor: Paris in Silver Spring?

Another painting of Paris, France? Actually, no. This is the Hughes Memorial Tower, a Washington, DC radio tower (9th and Peabody, 1 block off of Georgia Ave in DC). In a view from… Continue reading

Poster Design

I received an illustration request for a “cover” of a literary magazine, which would be given, framed, as a wedding gift, featuring the engaged couple. Instead of the date of publication, the “cover” would… Continue reading

Watercolor: Scenes from Montmartre

Scenes from Montmartre, Paris: Tall, pale, slender hillside buildings, steep stairs, turquoise graffiti, & Vandyke Brown (one of the oldest paint colors). Curiously, if I paint from an upside down picture, the shapes… Continue reading

Stop-Motion Animation: ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

I was nominated by a childhood friend of mine to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. I thought, okay, but I am currently sick at home and there was a 24 hour time… Continue reading

Watercolor: Sunrise, en plein air

I love that the French, “en plein air” is pronounced the same as “in plain air”. Yes.

Painting at the Beach

Sketches: Penguins

Things I find in my sketchbook, sometimes…

Cartoon: Scooter Gal

This is a cartoon-y portrait of a friend of mine. She does love her scooter. Right now, it’s an imaginary scooter, but I’m convinced that soon she will be scooting all over town… Continue reading

Watercolor: Lauren Bacall

A sketch. In remembrance.

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