Art On Cards : A Grand View of the Tetons

Saturday morning, I woke up and arranged for my Art-On-Card orders to go out. This particular client wanted them for Christmas gifts. Before I sent them out, I got a little “picture-happy” as… Continue reading

Watercolor : Sunrise in Silver Spring

I woke entirely too early this morning (around 5am), foiling my oh-so-important goal of mine to sleep in. So, as I passed by my sunrise-facing window and saw such beautiful colors, I smiled, shook my… Continue reading

Watercolor: Self Impression

C’est moi! It’s not 100% perfect because I know very well what I look like, but it’s close. I can try and try to craft the absolute, just perfect portrayal of myself –… Continue reading

Watercolor: Runyon Canyon, Number 11

Was thinking about my favorite place to hike this morning, Runyon Canyon in the Hollywood Hills (Los Angeles, CA). See? I even put a little bit of the Pacific Ocean in there. And… Continue reading

Watercolor, Ink : A Rainy Street in Philadelphia

A certain rainy street in a historic neighborhood in Philadelphia, PA. Look at all of those potential parking spaces… An urban sketch.

Watercolor: Trimming the Tree

This weekend, as a tradition, I drove up to Philadelphia to visit a friend I’ve known since junior high. Our mission, rain or shine, was to find, buy, transport, and decorate a tree for… Continue reading

Watercolor : Protesting Injustice

Protesting injustice. December 2014. A note: I am not usually political on social media but these protests of the cruel and unusual violence and deaths of African Americans by police are not political.… Continue reading

Watercolor, Ink : Portrait of Sleeping Nephew

First visit, ever. He slept almost the entire time. The phrase for paternal aunt in Mandarin Chinese is: 姑 姑 (pronounced: gū gu) Apparently, I will be saying ‘goo goo’ to my new, little… Continue reading

Quick Sketches: Thanksgiving Day Parade, Silver Spring, MD

Dear Folks, I’ve compiled some of the quick, on-the-spot-sketches into Vignettes. I drew these during the 2014 Silver Spring, MD Thanksgiving Parade last Saturday. It was a fun time. Happy Thanksgiving!    … Continue reading

Watercolor, Ink :Welcome to the World, Little Nephew

He looks like he just woke up, because, well, he just DID…outside! The face in the actual photo has the expression of a sleepy “wha-?” Which is entirely natural! Dear brother, I am now… Continue reading

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