Watercolor: Ever been inside of the Lee Building?

I had been meaning to go into the lobby of the Lee Building in Silver Spring, MD because I really liked the outside architecture. I did and found these cool lighting fixtures. I… Continue reading

Watercolor: Spring in the woods

Took a walk in Rock Creek Park near my house yesterday. The weather was phenomenal. The spring sunlight shone through the trees onto the path. I hope to get out again, today.

Watercolor: Where in Silver Spring

Do you know where this is in downtown Silver Spring, MD? (Hint: it’s a set of doors and you may need to look through an outer door to see it.)  

Watercolor: Hand lettering by the train tracks

Hey, look! It’s hand lettering by the train tracks! (Also known as graffiti).       

Watercolor: Daybreak in Silver Spring

Music provided by mourning doves and mockingbirds.

How did baseball come up at the art reception?

If my story ended there, it would have been an excellently connected ‘arty’ evening.

But wait, there’s more!

Pen and Ink : Movie Poster inspired

I liked the simplicity of a particular movie poster for “Pitch Perfect 2″ – a movie that is coming out soon.  

Watercolor: Tulip

Yep. A tulip. They are right out my kitchen window.  

Watercolor: Getting Home After School

  I called this painting “Getting Home After School” because I was noticing that there was more than one story about students and their ability to walk home (or not) in my state, lately.… Continue reading

Watercolor: Lots of things happening

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