Watercolor: Streetlamp Before Daybreak

Since I don’t use black paint unless I’m doing a black and white piece, purplish-blue will have to do. This was a street lamp I came across in the pitch dark of RIGHT… Continue reading

Watercolor: Sun Kiss

“When the sun kisses the earth…” Or plainly, “when the sun sets…” Or plainly, “when the earth’s rotation and orbit around a hot & gassy star causes our view of this star to… Continue reading

Watercolor: Sunrise at a tropical Beach

The light from these sunrises have nothing impeding its path to the clouds. Sometimes sunrises have a more horizontal look, but these are most definitely vertical. From a beach on Kaua’i, Hawaii.

Watercolor: Morning in Silver Spring

 The view of a winter sunrise in Silver Spring, right outside my window. And a little bit of my imagination…

Watercolor: Trees in Rock Creek Park, MD (detail)

I used to go walking in Rock Creek Park in the winter and get frustrated because everything was so … so BROWN. But if you look at things with an intention to find… Continue reading

Watercolor: Silver Spring Sunrise No. 5

There is an element of this Silver Spring sunrise that reminds me of the backgrounds used in Warner Bros. Wile E. Coyote cartoons, only the silhouettes are buildings instead of sandstone hoo-doos.

Watercolor: Foggy, night colors…

This is a color study of a foggy night. Watercolor effects will translate easily to read other liquid based effects, such as mist and fog. If I had a clear night, I might have… Continue reading

Watercolor: Sun and Pine Branches

Inspired by a walk I took yesterday around 4 pm, when the almost setting sun turned a deep gold. A nearby pine tree’s branches were heavily laden with snow. Who knew there was… Continue reading

Watercolor: Snowy Day in Silver Spring

  There is a gentle quiet of the morning falling snow. Not too soon after comes the pattered klomping of small boots coming down stairs, one step at a time along with high… Continue reading

Watercolor: Midday – Rock Creek Gardens

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