Just ordered just a few art-on-cards for a last minute art show I may be participating in – still waiting for the go-ahead. If you are not at the art show and any of… Continue reading

Watercolor: Have Sunrise, Just Add Salt

Someone asked me, “Did you just ‘salt’ your work?” My answer: “Yes, because then you can get special effects like this!”  

Watercolor: Where in Silver Spring is this?

Hidden in plain sight, this decorative element on the side of a building is the first Art Deco design in Silver Spring that grabbed my eye. Well, technically, it’s the second. The Lee Building… Continue reading

Watercolor: Where In Silver Spring is this building?

This is a pretty visible landmark in Silver Spring, so I do not expect this to be very difficult for anyone. This building is designed in an Art Deco style which is one… Continue reading

Animated Gif: The Basset Blink

  Voila. The ever hopeful basset hound.

Watercolor: a little abstract

I have been so focused lately, it felt good to try just playing around with some colors and moving water around on the page. Simple symbols, simple colors. It looks nice for now,… Continue reading

Watercolor: inspired by “The book of Life

This is a collection of watercolor vignettes inspired by The Day of the Dead / Dia de los Muertos and Jorge Gutierrez’ “The Book Of Life”, feature animated film.

Screening : Animated “The Book of Life” Feature at AFI in Silver Spring, MD

Watercolor: Inspired by the “Day of the Dead” – marigold floral design Who: YOU! What: The Book of Life animated feature film – *free screening*, part of the Latin American Film Festival The… Continue reading

Watercolor: Misty Morning

From a pathway I walked in Columbia, MD.

Watercolor: Everything but the Duck (detail)

Saw a Maryland blue heron this week. Reminded me of this duck I saw on a pond a few years ago. I think it was a type of duck called a ‘griebe’. When… Continue reading

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