Storyboard: Anticipation

That key moment when the character realizes that something is about to happen… I was watching an opening sequence to a television show in which the main characters are police officers solving crimes.… Continue reading

Watercolor: Night-time Beach

What is this? A night-time beach scene. Is that where you are right now? No. I was just wishing for a little change of scenery. I’m sure you understand…

Watercolor: Drawing faces using paint.

Before I knew how to paint, I drew. Incessantly. I still do. A while back, while living in LA, my friend (who paints for a living) invited me over for a Sunday afternoon… Continue reading

Watercolor: Green Tree in Snow

  This morning, I looked out of my window. It was (‘scuse me, IS) snowing. I won’t go into my reaction inside my head because it will probably reveal my selfish and grumpy… Continue reading

Watercolor: Plumped Up Against the Cold

Ever notice your neighborhood birds in winter? The ones that don’t fly south, I mean? They sit on branches in the cold and just plump up their feathers for warmth. I mean, I… Continue reading

Watercolor: Walking In Snowfall

Anyone else see folks out walking during the snowfall? It’s all very misty and snowy, so details about what they are wearing aren’t clear, but you can see their posture.

Watercolor: Cold, blue wintery sky

When I look up at the skies during these winter temperatures, I know that that crisp, blue color, without any interruption by cloud or bird, tells me that this cold will be intense. There… Continue reading

Watercolor: Footprints in Snow

After a snowfall in Maryland (although not the likes of Massachusetts or New York), many folks had the day off yesterday. This means that people were out, romping in the snow… There are… Continue reading

Watercolor: sun rising on a snowy day

Snow is everywhere this morning. The sky was gray and cloudy when I awoke. And just now, the sun peeked through the clouds as they scatter. Painted as viewed through my window.

Focus on the character!

Andreas Deja, an animator whom I greatly respect, just posted about Disney’s ladies. (Animated ones.) A sentence in his first paragraph says something surprising : “Disney female characters are among the most difficult… Continue reading

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