Watercolor: Runyon Canyon 5, Los Angeles, CA

Silver Spring, MD Easter Egg Hunt

Hey guys, There is an Easter Egg Hunt (kind of like a scavenger hunt) this Saturday in Silver Spring. One of my art pieces is one of the prizes! Check it out –… Continue reading

Watercolor: Palm Trees

Adding trees into the mix.   Received a comment on my spartan color choice. Yes, I have used only two colors with which to paint (blue and yellow), but they combine and make… Continue reading

Commission Drawing: Hand of a Musician

This is a sample hand drawing that belongs to a musician playing a Japanese instrument called the koto. I have more, but this is currently a work-in-progress, so I will be posting later.

Describing my paintings

Using wet-in-wet and negative painting watercolor techniques, I portray landscapes, inspired by 1930s California Watercolor Impressionists. Here are some that I have submitted to a competition. We’ll see.

Art Reflecting Changes

I sense that we are undergoing a similar change in our current turn into the 21st century. Our change is less about physical locations and more about hand-crafted v. mass production/digital.

Mistakes : Beautiful things that I didn’t intend

Working on your painting so that it happens the way you want it to IS important to an artist. That is the whole reason behind BEING an artist – your personal vision. HOWEVER, with a little balance, sometimes art throws you curveballs. How do you work with those?

Watercolor: Runyon Canyon 4

Think “regular sunset in SoCal” instead of “volcano apocalypse”.

Watercolor: Runyon Canyon 3

I think I’m beginning to see a pattern…

Watercolor: Runyon Canyon, 2

This is a pathway, a section of the hike I would take in Runyon Canyon, Hollywood Hills, CA on Saturday mornings. How appropriate that I’m painting this on a Saturday morning. No, those… Continue reading

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