Watercolor: an Imperfect Self Portrait

The anatomy is slightly off in this – I must admit I was sticking rather close to the downshot photo reference, which there is no need to do. Oddly, the anatomy being off like that reminds of some Expressionist art portraits that were done around the 1930s. It’s a little cartoony, too, somehow. And so, I’m sharing this curious, imperfect painting.   


Watercolor: Rock Cairn

  This is one of those rock cairns I saw on my run the other day.  It seems that neighborhood folks were amusing themselves (or being creative, however you want to spin it) with some landscaping rocks on a hillside. Cairns are built to mark some kind of spiritual spot. Maybe this IS one of those spots and I just don’t know it. It just made me chuckle because it’s…


Watercolor : Cartoon Self Portrait

I wanted a break in between sunflower images and got a little stuck. Then I saw my little mirror on my painting table and thought – self portrait! I would say this would be more Animation inspired than Impressionist inspired. The forms are symbolic of facial features (and anatomically correct) but aren’t realistic. So, here it is, done in earth tones – Vandyke Brown, Burnt Sienna, and Yellow Ochre. The…


Watercolor: Sunrise in Black and White

Ladies & Gentlemen, this is the first time I’ve ever painted a sunrise in “black and white”. It all started because I was trying to capture the contrast between the light caught on the clouds vs the darkness of the foliage & automobiles untouched by the sunlight. After a while, I realized that I liked that gritty, dark cement blue I had (combination of Ultramarine Blue and Vandyke Brown – I never…


Watercolor: Mayor Lane, Silver Spring, MD

Mayor Lane is really just a connected pedestrian-only (I think) lane dividing up some Georgia Ave businesses as well as providing a walk way to the public parking lots. There is a bust of a Silver Spring person (at the Georgia Ave end), a character of the time, whom was nicknamed ‘Mayor’.  His story is written on a little plaque.  This view has a pretty strong one point perspective. It…