Watercolor: Thinking of Stealing…

Slightly warmer weather is inspiring me to think of things outside and one of those is baseball. Watching baseball. I don’t play it, but I do sketch it. And paint it, too! This… Continue reading

Watercolor : View from the World Building In Silver Spring

Usually, my view down Georgia Avenue is from the street and includes the World Building. This time, I was IN the World Building, looking out the window at another Silver Spring skyline. I… Continue reading

Watercolor : Bridge to … 

Had a terrific brain-energizing walk/hike this morning. As I came upon the Boundary Bridge in Rock Creek Park, I saw the morning sunlight was glinting gold off of the wooden bridge. One of my… Continue reading

Watercolor: Stripe of Sunrise

I started too early. Now, it’s all apricots and lavender colors. But I have other things to paint, so this is good for now. These little pieces remind me HOW I’m going to paint.

Watercolor: Cherry Blossom Twists

Sounds like a seasonal doughnut or a seasonal stretch nickname. And yet, it is not. It refers the amazing twisty-ness of cherry blossom tree trunks and branches. They are freakishly human in expression.… Continue reading

Art Deco Hand Lettering

This post is inspired by Unofficial Silver Spring Hand Lettering Society, organized by Christy Batta & Amina Ahmad. I have more experience with calligraphy, but back in the day, I tried some lettering (mostly giant,… Continue reading

Watercolor : Dreaming of Cherry Blossoms

I can’t wait!

Watercolor : Pale Sunrise over Snow

Ah, the view out my front window. It’s the palest of sunrises, but it’s a terrific warm contrast with the cool colors in the snow’s shadows. Great opportunity to give an example of… Continue reading

Watercolor: Anguished Orange

Everything is more or less okay NOW…but yesterday, emotions were high! I didn’t know what to do with all of those FEELINGS, so I painted. I’m calling this “Anguished Orange”. I shared it… Continue reading

Watercolor : A bird in the bush…

…is worth two in the hand. Can you see them? (Ps. The proper phrasing is : “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”, but I adjusted it for my… Continue reading

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